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Nice shout-out to Love Run participants!

8/50 – Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Love Run

A week after my road trip to Connecticut to run the Savin Rock Half, I headed back up north for another race: The Philadelphia Love Run. Sorry, I’m a little late writing this post—the past couple of weeks have been craziness. The trip to Philadelphia was super short, but a fun one. My friend, Jen, did the race, too, along with her friends Emily and Rachel. (Read Jen’s race recap here.) Emily and I shared a hotel room together. Always great to have company on these race trips! Advertisements

Coworker’s 50 states

When I first started this 50 states challenge, my coworker, Kevin, emailed me a list of the races he ran in each state (the ones he counted toward the challenge). It’s a fun list to read. His comments on the races and locations are great. I’ve been meaning to post it for a while, and just now getting around to it.

Shrimp and grits came with my medal at the Charleston Half Marathon

5/50 – South Carolina: Charleston Half Marathon

Did you know that South Carolina is the largest producer of peaches in the US? It produces 15 percent more than the “Peach State,” Georgia. Also, did you know that the city of Charleston claims 90 percent of the Atlantic coastline and is the largest cargo port on the Southeastern Atlantic coast? I just got back from the beach-lined city in the peach-filled state; I didn’t eat any peaches, nor visit any beaches (bummer on both counts), but I did run my first 13.1-miler of the year, the Charleston Half Marathon. Charleston, S.C. is officially #5 of 50 for #runningthestates.

Looking back at 2014, ready to run 2015

I usually look back at the end of the year to see what I’ve accomplished and where I am in life. Mostly, I focus on the general stuff — career, relationships, health. 2014 has been a good year for the general stuff — I’m happy with my career, my relationships are healthy, and I am healthy (well, I think… annual physical is in a month, so we’ll see for sure then). I’m very thankful for the current state of all three. 2014 has been a good year for specific stuff as well.

A Marine holding medals at the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon.

Run the Marine Corps Marathon…? Check!

A year ago, I never would have imagined that I would complete a marathon. I’ve always thought running 26.2 miles was just too much. From a fitness perspective, it just seemed unnecessary (I mean, a few miles a day is good enough, right??). For our 25th birthdays, my friends and I each made a list of things we wanted to do/accomplish by the time we turned 30. One friend had run a marathon on her list. But not me. It was just something I really had no desire to do. (My list included things like go skydiving – check, visit all seven continents – fail, pay down debt – check… but then I acquired more debt, so…) Nope, running a full marathon was definitely not on my list, not in the cards for me. Or so I thought.

The Color Run = #happiest5k

Ever heard of The Color Run? It’s a whimsical 5k that’s exploded in popularity — since its debut in 2011, organizers have reportedly hosted more than 170 events in over 30 countries. The focus of the race is more on having fun, rather than being fast, although you’re more than welcome to do both, of course. But since it’s un-timed, there’s little pressure to speed your way through. How it works: participants wear white, and are doused with color (dyed powder) at each kilometer on the course, resulting in a kaleidoscopic mess of humans. This is supposed to be fun. Sound intriguing? It did to me. Little sister wanted in, so she and I and few friends decided to sign up and check it out. Following are some photos from the “Happiest 5k on the Planet” at the National Harbor.