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18/50: Ohio — Flying Pig (Half) Marathon

Guys! I’m back from Iceland and Ohio! Both trips were amazing (each in their own way, of course). Will write more about Iceland in another post. For now, I’m going to tell you all about Ohio. Personally, I think it’s an underrated state. We had a great time there. We visited Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Sandusky — all in three days. Pretty crazy. I’m still amazed we were able to pull it off. There were many highlights of the trip, but the most noteworthy for this blog is… setting a new PR in the Flying Pig (half) and finishing strong! It was completely unexpected. Unexpected for a couple of reasons: (1) the course is described as hilly and challenging (and it was!), and (2) I got only three hours of sleep the night before! But somehow, things seemed to have worked out in my favor that day. No complaints here! It was a great race — definitely in my top 10 favorites!

Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon Training – Weeks 10 + 11 + 12: Updates on life and upcoming races, monks and bodybuilding

I can’t believe it’s MAY already.   This year is flying by so fast. The Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon is less than 50 days away (!!) (Check out the awesome-looking medals above!), and I honestly don’t feel as prepared as I should (but then again, when have I ever really felt prepared to run 26 miles?). I’m slacking on my runs — the weekday runs and weekend long runs are not long enough.  And I haven’t done the super long run yet – the dreaded 20-miler.  I’m hoping to squeeze that in this weekend or next.  Mentally, I am all over the place, and just not as focused on this training as I should be. I still have another month to pull myself together though.  Let’s see if I can do it. Upside: I managed to score running buddies for both the Hatfield-McCoy and the San Francisco (Half) Marathon in July.  Yay for running/travel buddies!

One Year Ago: Ran My First Half Marathon

A year ago this month, I ran my very first half marathon (Frederick Half) and kicked off Running the States — my challenge to run 13.1 miles in all 50 U.S. states. The idea for Running the States came about in December 2013, when I met my co-worker, Kevin, who had recently completed the challenge. In January 2014, I signed up for my first couple of races and started training. If we’re going by calendar year, which I still do most of the time, I completed four half marathons in 2014. But if we’re starting the count from when I ran my first half, then I’ve completed nine since last May.

Nashville, TN

9/50 – Tennessee: Country Music Half Marathon

A couple of weekends ago, I took a quick trip to Music City to run the Country Music Half Marathon (aka Rock n Roll Nashville). It was my first time down there, and I loved it — such a fun city. The forecast called for a rainy race day, and I heard from locals and other participants that the course was super hilly. But I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts — the rain held off and it actually turned out to be great running weather, and while the course was indeed hilly, most of the hills were manageable. It was fun time!

Nice shout-out to Love Run participants!

8/50 – Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Love Run

A week after my road trip to Connecticut to run the Savin Rock Half, I headed back up north for another race: The Philadelphia Love Run. Sorry, I’m a little late writing this post—the past couple of weeks have been craziness. The trip to Philadelphia was super short, but a fun one. My friend, Jen, did the race, too, along with her friends Emily and Rachel. (Read Jen’s race recap here.) Emily and I shared a hotel room together. Always great to have company on these race trips!