Completed Races

50 States


1. Maryland — Frederick Half Marathon
2. Virginia — Alexandria Half Marathon
3. North Carolina — Asheville Half Marathon
4. Texas — The Hottest Half


5. South Carolina — Charleston Half Marathon
6. Louisiana — Rock n Roll News Orleans
7. Connecticut — Savin Rock Half Marathon
8. Pennsylvania — Love Run Philly
9. Tennessee — Country Music Half Marathon
10. Illinois — Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon
11. Nevada — Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon
12. Delaware — Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon


13. Arizona — Phoenix Pride Run Half Marathon
14. Kentucky — Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon
15. West Virginia — Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon
16. California — San Francisco (half) Marathon
17. New York — Rome Half Marathon

Other Races


April — Rockville Pikes Peek 10k
October — Marine Corps Marathon 2014
September — Color Run 5k
November — Scarecrow Run for Brain Injury Awareness 5k
November — Turkey Chase 2014


October — Marine Corps Marathon 2015
November— Across the Bay 10k


March — Rock ‘n’ Roll DC 5K


  1. This is an awesome idea. I wish I could do something like this. I just started running and can barely complete a 5k, haha. Quite inspirational.

    • You totally can! Baby steps… you’ll get there! Before you know it, the 5k will turn into a 10k, then a 10-miler, then a half… 🙂 Consistency in training is key.

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