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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! Race Schedule for the New Year


In terms of quantity, it wasn’t my best year — I completed 3 half marathons out of the 6-8 I had planned at the beginning of the year.

But if we’re talking quality, I would consider this my best year yet. I had two PRs, both of which came at a complete surprise, and my average running pace increased by about a minute.

The three races I ran this year were the Flying Pig Half Marathon (PR #1), Boston’s Run to Remember (PR #2), and the Atlantic City Half Marathon, which was a tough race for me, but despite it being challenging (for me), my time wasn’t that bad. By the way, I still owe you guys a race recap for Atlantic City. I hope to have that posted soon!

So while I didn’t complete all of the races I had planned, I’m happy with my improved pace and overall fitness this year.

Races for 2018

I have 5-6 half marathons on tap for 2018, and I’ll also be running my first World Marathon Major — the Chicago Marathon! Earlier this year, I decided I would try and complete all six World Marathon Majors — Chicago, New York, Boston, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. I don’t have a time limit for this goal — it’s just something I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime. Another lifetime goal is to run a full marathon on each continent. One of my running buddies, Jen, and I have already made plans to run in Antarctica. It won’t be for another several years or so — after we’ve saved up enough money for it! Ha.

So, here’s the line-up for 2018:

Saturday, May 12 — Maine Coast Half Marathon — Biddeford, Maine — state #21

Sunday, June, 10 — Rock ’n’ Roll Seattle — Seattle, Washington — state #22

Friday, July 13 — Mainly Marathons Prairie Series Day 6 — Hiawatha, Kansas — state #23

Saturday, July 14 — Mainly Marathons Prairie Series Day 7 — St. Joseph, Missouri — state #24

Sunday, Sept. 9 — Surftown Half Marathon — Westerly, Rhode Island — state #25

Sunday, Oct. 7 — Chicago Marathon — Chicago, Illinois – World Marathon Major #1 (full marathon #3)

Sunday, Oct. 21 — Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon — Detroit, Michigan — state #26 (planning to run this one with a couple of friends. Not definite yet that we’re doing it.)

I may also head up to Boston in April to spectate the Boston Marathon with friends. An old high school buddy of mine is participating this year, and it would be fun to cheer her on. Have any of you spectated the Boston Marathon before? I hear it’s a lot of fun.

What are your running plans for 2018?

Wishing all of you guys a very happy and healthy new year, filled with fun adventures and exciting new experiences! Cheers to 2018!


  1. I’m down to 3 half marathons a year now, so I’ll be doing one in Idaho in May, Alaska in August, and Arkansas in November. Good luck with your races and congrats on the ones you ran in 2017!

    1. Thanks, Donna! Good luck on your races this year, too! Those are three states I haven’t done yet, so I’m looking forward to reading about them… if you like them, maybe I’ll add them to my list. 🙂

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