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Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 10 (Busy work week, No-bake peanut butter balls)

Sometimes you have great weeks, where you’re just a running rock star—you’re hitting your weekly mileage goals and you feel great. And other weeks, training is just a bust. This past week was the latter. I didn’t even come close to hitting my 45-mile target. And that 19-mile long run I was supposed to do on Saturday? Ha.

I was swamped at work last week, had other obligations over the weekend, and running just didn’t happen.

MCM Training – Week 10

Monday, Aug. 24 – off

Tuesday, Aug. 25 – 6 miles – treadmill

Wednesday, Aug. 26 – 6 miles – treadmill

Thursday, Aug. 27 – off

Friday, Aug. 28 – 6 miles – treadmill

Saturday, Aug. 29 – off

Sunday, Aug. 30 – off

Total miles: 18
Cross-training: none

So yeah… 18 miles and no cross-training. Upside: this week can only be an improvement, right? Goals for the week: Try to get as close as I can to my scheduled weekly mileage, which is 40, and complete my 20-mile long run.

In other news, my colleague, Kevin—the one that inspired me to do the 50 states challenge—and his wife are expecting a baby. He brought her in to the office last week, along with a couple of cakes and bagels. We should have been the ones getting them cake and bagels, but Kevin is just nice like that.

Congratulations to my colleague, Kevin, and his wife Richelle. Maybe Baby Callahan will follow in his/her dad's footsteps and run in all 50 states, too.
Congratulations to my colleague, Kevin, and his wife Richelle. Maybe Baby Callahan will follow in his/her dad’s footsteps and run in all 50 states, too.

Congrats to them! They chose not to find out the gender until the baby arrives. I examined her bump though, and my guess is a boy. Will let you guys know if I’m right (b/c I know you are all just dying to know!). The baby is due this month.

Despite the busy week, I managed to try this recipe for no-bake peanut butter balls. It took 15 minutes to make! Good post-run snack.

No-bake PB balls: mix ingredients
Mix ingredients
No-bake PB balls: add peanut butter.
Add peanut butter
No-bake PB balls: mix, mix, mix.
Mix, mix, mix
No-bake PB balls: roll into balls. Then eat.
Roll into balls. Then eat.

You are basically mixing the following ingredients together and rolling them into ping pong-sized balls. That’s it.

1/2 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup whole quick oats
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup wheat germ
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup apple cider
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Recipe adapted from popsugar.


  1. Those treats are exactly what my kids have been asking for they will love them. Thanks. Good luck with the training, I run but not marathons, furthest at the moment is 10K ..impressed at what you are planning.

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