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Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 13 (Arrival of new runner, Rock n Roll’s Rock Trio medal)

One of the perks of running long distance races is the medals. I’ve collected some cool ones in the past year and a half, when I started the 50 states challenge. So far, my favorites include the Hottest Half medal (Dallas, Texas) because it doubles as a beer opener, and the Philly Love Run medal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) because it’s pretty.

The Rock n Roll Marathon Series has some awesome medals, too. What’s especially cool about participating in Rock n Roll races is that you get additional medals for running in multiple RnR races. Several months ago, I received RnR’s Double Beat medal in the mail for completing RnR New Orleans and the Country Music Half.

Rock n Roll's Double Beat medal.
Rock n Roll’s Double Beat medal.

And a few weeks ago, I received more extra bling from RnR: the Rock Trio medal for completing the RnR Chicago Half in July.

Rock n Roll's Rock Trio medal.
Rock n Roll’s Rock Trio medal.

Awesome stuff. Thanks, RnR!

MCM Training – Week 13

Training this past week was good. The weather was beautiful last weekend, so I was able to get my long run done outside (way better than on a treadmill). I didn’t do any cross-training though. (Shocker.)

Monday, Sept. 15 – off

Tuesday, Sept. 16 – 4 miles – treadmill

Wednesday, Sept. 17 – 6 miles – treadmill

Thursday, Sept. 18 – 4 miles – treadmill

Friday, Sept. 19 – off

Saturday, Sept. 20 – 16 miles – C&O Canal towpath

Sunday, Sept. 21 – off

Total: 30 miles
Cross-training – none

Goals for this week: I’m scheduled to do my second 20-miler this weekend (this training plan has three 20-milers). My goal is to complete it.

Views from Saturday’s run on the C&O towpath:

One of my favorite parts of the C&O Canal towpath.
One of my favorite parts of the C&O Canal towpath.
7 a.m. view
7 a.m. view
So pretty.
So pretty.

In other news, my colleague’s baby arrived last week. I told you guys that Kevin and his wife, Richelle, chose not to find out the gender before the baby’s arrival. My guess was a boy. I’m sure you will all be excited to know that I was correct. 🙂 Welcome, Baby Callahan!

Email from Kevin:
“Baby popped out late yesterday, a boy to be named later (after we get some sleep to think clearly). Fortunately, he has more hair on his head than his dad. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 13 oz., and came up 1 ft. 9 in. on the tape measure. We’re hoping he’ll be ready for his first 5k this weekend.”

Last we heard, they were deciding between two names: Braden and Landon. They asked our office to vote. I like both equally, but I voted for Landon. I think Braden will win.

Hope you’re all having a great week.

Oh! And P.S., I had the most amazing dish at Barrel and Bushel, a newish restaurant in Tyson’s last weekend: fried chicken on French toast. The photo is terrible, but the dish is amazing. Trust me. They also have a fantastic beer selection.

Fried chicken on top of French toast!
Fried chicken on top of French toast!
Beer flights at Barrel and Bushel.
Beer flights at Barrel and Bushel.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Maybe I should get on the towpath more often…wish it was paved haha. Congrats to your co-worker! I believe you, that french toast/chicken looks sooo good. See you Sunday!

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