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Marine Corps Marathon – Week 9 (Buredo, pool parties and dumb bells)

It was time. I finally added strength training into my marathon training plan.

I bought a couple of 3-pound dumb bells earlier this month. My sister took one look at them and cracked up.

Her: Three pounds?! What’s that going to do??
Me: They will do a lot when what you’ve been lifting was nothing! … Plus, I can put them together to make six pounds!
Her: *laughs* Ok, sure.

MCM Training – Week 9:

I’m easing into the weights — mainly just incorporating them into my planks, sit-ups, and lunges. The goal is to do this 2-3 times a week, after my weekday runs. So far, so good.

My training schedule called for fewer miles this past week, so I was able to give my legs a little break. Also, the long run was only 13 miles, which I shortened even more to just 8. It was a nice, easy week.

Monday, Aug. 17 – off

Tuesday, Aug. 18 – 6 miles – treadmill, strength-training w/ weights

Wednesday, Aug. 19 – 8 miles – treadmill, strength-training w/ weights

Thursday, Aug. 20 – 6 miles – treadmill, strength-training w/ weights

Friday, Aug. 21 – off

Saturday, Aug. 22 – 8 miles – outside!

Sunday, Aug. 23 – 4 miles – treadmill

Total: 32 miles
X-training – strength-training w/ weights

Goals for this week: Just to get through it. This is a 45-mile week, with a 19-mile long run. I doubt I’ll hit 45 miles, but we’ll see.

Must-share-news: A burrito-sized sushi restaurant opened earlier this summer in the Franklin Square neighborhood of DC. Read: giant sushi rolls!

The “Sofie” from Buredo.

It’s wonderful. You must try it.

On Saturday, after the 8-miler, sister and I picked up several rolls (I got the shrimp tempura, aka “Sofie”) and headed to our cousin’s rooftop pool party. Buredo, beers, the pool = good times.

Sister's Instagram shot of her Saturday afternoon.
Sister’s Instagram shot of her Saturday afternoon.

We went to Le Diplomate for dinner. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but in case not, Le Dip’s burger and mac and cheese are amazing. That’s what I got.

I woke up with a full belly on Sunday. After a quick 4-miler on the treadmill, we went over to a friend’s for brunch. She made us quiche, roasted potatoes and cinnamon rolls. I was stuffed for the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and watching rom coms (I’m not going to even tell you which ones, because you will totally judge me).

To everyone training for a fall marathon: we’re about halfway done (more than half for some)! Good luck on the second half of training. And if you’re not running a fall marathon… you’re missing out. 😉 Have a good week.


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