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First Outdoor Run of the Year: Sligo Creek Trail

Early morning on the Matthew Henson Trail in January 2014.
Early morning walk on the Matthew Henson Trail, just after a snowfall. This photo was taken in January 2014.

This winter has been pretty brutal. In fact, as I write this, Winter Storm Titan is making his way through the D.C. metro region, with an estimated 6-10 inches of snowfall expected in some parts of the suburbs by this evening.

But fortunately, we experienced some spring-like temps this past weekend, so I was able to get in my first outdoor run of the year yesterday. A friend and I did a fairly easy 3 miles on part of the Sligo Creek Trail in Silver Spring, Md.

We started at 9 a.m. in downtown Silver Spring. It was a cold, but comfortable mid-30s. We did an out and back, running from Wayne Avenue to Colesville Road. It was my first time on that part of the trail, which was paved, mostly flat, with a few slight inclines, and some pretty tree-lined areas.

We saw several other runners, some walkers and a handful of dogs. We caught up on life—work, babies (her, not me), dating (me, not her), travel plans, and our upcoming race together (Pike’s Peek 10k). Overall, it was a great run to kick off an exciting year of running adventures.

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