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Training for Flying Pig Half Marathon and 2017 race schedule updates

Hello friends, and hello April! February and March flew right by, and I am now only one month away from my first race of the year — Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio (May 7). I kicked off April with 16 miles this past weekend — 8 treadmill miles Saturday morning, 5 treadmill miles Sunday morning, and 3 fast miles at the C&O Canal Sunday evening. I did those 3 miles with a friend, and spent the entire time trying to keep pace with him. Wasn’t easy — I had a gasping for life moment at the end. But I survived! And I think it was good for me. I don’t push myself enough when it comes to speed and definitely need to add more speed workouts into my schedule.

Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon Training – Weeks 13 + 14 + 15 + 16: Got the 20-miler done, less than 2 weeks until Hatfield-McCoy

Run 20 miles?  Check. I finally got the long run in a few weeks ago at the C&O Canal towpath. Not going to lie… it was tough.  The first 14 miles went ok, but the last six miles were an absolute struggle.  Six miles had never been so painful or felt so long. But it got done. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS UNTIL HATFIELD-MCCOY! Am I ready? Ehhh… not totally. But it’s all good.  Come race day, I think I’ll be fine and ready to go. Hopefully.

Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon Training – Weeks 2 + 3: ups and downs

Some days, your training just rocks — you’re hitting your mileage goals, your nutrition is on point, you even get in a little cross-training. 🙂  You feel great! And then some days, you just suck. Week 2 of training was the former.  Week 3 of training was the latter. Oh well.  What can you do… You win some, you lose some.

Hello, June

I can’t believe it’s already June. Do you ever go through periods where life is so busy and you’re kind of on auto-pilot, quickly moving from one task to the next, barely having time to soak in the moment? That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling these past few weeks. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—it makes me feel like I have a sense of purpose, and I’m accomplishing things. But I think it does take a toll on you.

Running in the Rain

Running outdoors has been challenging these past few months — the bitter cold, constant snow storms, and this weekend, the endless rain. Not only did we get non-stop rain, but hail and snow joined in the mix as well on Sunday. Quite an odd sight considering we were two days away from April. Nevertheless I made my way outdoors on Saturday for an early morning run in the rain. It wasn’t too bad. A mile or so in, you don’t even notice the wet wind on your face and drops blowing into your eyes anymore. Some people would even consider it refreshing. I’m not sure if I’m one of them.

Running the Capital Crescent Trail

It is mid-March (four days until spring), and it’s snowing. Again. So far, we’ve gotten about 6-7 inches today in my part of Montgomery County. But fortunately, we had beautiful weather this past weekend and the weekend before—perfect running weather. A friend and I decided to run part of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) in Bethesda. We weren’t the only ones with that idea in mind. The trail was packed. No surprised though.

First Outdoor Run of the Year: Sligo Creek Trail

This winter has been pretty brutal. In fact, as I write this, Winter Storm Titan is making his way through the D.C. metro region, with an estimated 6-10 inches of snowfall expected in some parts of the suburbs by this evening. But fortunately, we experienced some spring-like temps this past weekend, so I was able to get in my first outdoor run of the year yesterday. A friend and I did a fairly easy 3 miles on part of the Sligo Creek Trail in Silver Spring, Md.