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Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 6 (65th birthday and peach tart recipe)

Before this running blog, I had a food blog. A few of them, actually.

The latest still exists, but hasn’t been updated in over a year. I keep saying that I’ll return to it, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe one day…

In the meantime, I’m going to start sharing some recipe-related posts here. I don’t cook and bake as often as I used to, so there probably won’t be very many of those posts.

I did bake yesterday though. First time since the holidays! I whipped up a peach tart after my long run, thinking it would be great recovery food. I wish I could say it turned out awesome and hit the spot, but it didn’t.

I’m pretty sure I know why. But first, here’s my weekly training update:

MCM Training – Week 6

Monday, July 27 – off

Tuesday, July 28 – 4 miles – treadmill

Wednesday, July 29 – 4 miles – treadmill

Thursday, July 30 – 4 miles – treadmill

Friday, July 31 – off

Saturday, Aug. 1 – 6 miles – treadmill

Sunday, Aug. 2 – 10 miles – treadmill

Total: 28 miles
Cross-training – none

I wasn’t feeling as strong as I did last week. I didn’t do any cross-training, and I didn’t do any runs outside. Mileage-wise though, it wasn’t too bad. My training plan called for a total of 30 miles, so I was only two miles off. This is a 40-mile week, with a 16-mile long run. It’s going to be tough. I haven’t done 16 miles since marathon training last year.

Goals for this week: cross-train and get at least one run done outside.

I spent a good portion of this week dealing with leaking AC convectors and damaged ceilings (mine and the unit below mine). Fun stuff.

On Saturday, I went to a colleague’s 65th birthday celebration at her home in southern Maryland. The land out there is vast and amazing. It was a lovely party with friends and family. Glad I got to experience that special moment with her.

Almera giving her birthday speech.
Almera giving her birthday speech.

Almera and her family.  Her hubs, Reggie, is on her right.
Almera and her family. Her hubs, Reggie, is on her right.

Happy birthday, Almera!
Happy birthday, Almera!

The cake was good.
The cake was good.
After the party, I went home and hung out on the balcony, something I don’t do enough of these days. I had a great view of the Big Dipper and the North Star, Polaris.

Do you see Polaris??
Do you see Polaris??
I woke up early on Sunday for my long run. But not early enough to be beat the heat, so it ended up being on a treadmill.

Afterward, I attempted my tart.

My peach tart! A little too sweet.
My peach tart! A little too sweet.
It looked fine. And it smelled delicious.

But it was way too sweet. This is because I accidently added an extra CUP of sugar to the recipe. 

I misread the instructions and added a cup of sugar to the dough (and on some on the peaches), when the majority of the sugar was supposed to be added to crumbles. Honest mistake, really.

So after I used the sugar for the dough, I got out another cup for the crumbles. (I know, I know.)

I’m actually a pretty good baker normally. For real. I blame my mistake on fatigue from the long run. 🙂

Peach tart recipe here.

I’ll try this recipe again next week. Maybe on a non-long run day.

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