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Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon Training – Week 1: And so it begins… again

I’m heading for the hills of Kentucky and West Virginia this June for the Hatfield-McCoy Double Half Marathon. The races take runners through the historic sites following the Hatfield-McCoy feud in Goody, Kentucky and Matewan, West Virginia.

Because the halves are back-to-back, I’ve decided to do a full marathon training program. It’s an 18-week program, which means week 1 started last week. It totally snuck up on me. Wintry weather here in the DC area + car issues made it difficult to get most of my runs in this week.

So yeah. Basically, I am off to a great start so far…

No worries though. I have 17 more weeks to try and redeem myself.

I’m going with another one of Hal Higdon’s training schedules — a slightly easier version than the one I did last summer for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.11.10 PM

My training goals for this season:

1. Cross-train — ahh my favorite (not). This was an area I failed in last training season. I was either too busy or too lazy to do anything other than run. My goal this time around is to cross-train at least once a week. I’m planning on trying out new machines at the gym… new machines like the elliptical (which I have never in my life used) and that stationary bike thing. People say those are good cross-training activities. This will be good.

2. Incorporate hill workouts into training — The Hatfield-McCoy is a bit hilly. I don’t want my legs to die on me. So… hill workouts. Also, I’m running in San Francisco in July. No further explanation needed.

3. Complete at least 3/4 (if not all) of the total weekly miles scheduled — Getting all of the mid-week runs in can be tough, especially when the mileage is higher. This plan has slightly lower weekly mileage totals, so I’m hoping it won’t be as much of butt-kicker as last time.

As for race goals, I’m aiming to finish each half in 2:25 (or less, obvi). That’s almost 10 minutes slower than my PR, but given the tough course and likely the heat (the race is in June), I think 2:25 for each half is a challenging and realistic goal (for me).

So, here’s how Week 1 of training (Feb. 8-14) went:

Monday, Feb. 8 – nothing

Tuesday, Feb. 9 — nothing at all

Wednesday, Feb. 10 — 6 miles on the treadmill

Thursday, Feb. 11 — I had plans to go to the gym after work, but my car died on me 😦

Friday, Feb. 12 — nothing

Saturday, Feb. 13 — super windy day. no runs outside. no runs at the gym, because no car…

Sunday, Feb. 14 — 4 miles in 12-degree weather (see image above). I was cold for the rest of the day (BUT I RAN!)

Total miles for the week: 10

Total miles for 2016: 83

And I leave you with 13 phases of training for a marathon… I am currently feeling phase 2.

Phase 1: You. Are. So. Pumped.

Phase 2: The commitment starts to sink in.

read there rest of the phases…

Happy Monday. Have an awesome week of running.


  1. Sounds like a great challenge. I wouldn’t really know how to approach training for back to back halfs, but working through the Higdon intermediate should certainly get you more than ready. I’ve used that plan before as well for a full. You’re going to be checking off a few states this year!

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