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Weekend Reads: Marathons – The cost, the win, the survival

Happy Friday! I’m heading to NYC tonight — not for a race, but for my cousin’s bachelorette party. I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick run in Central Park Saturday morning before the all-day shenanigans begin.

Just wanted to share a few running-related stories I came across recently — all marathon related (hence the title of this post). Worth checking out, if you have some time.

Also, good luck to everyone running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in DC this Sunday, including my blog pals, Jen and Erin! Such a great race. And it looks like the weather will be nice!

Running costs: what are the world’s most expensive marathons?

When you stop and think about it, it actually just seems daft. We pay for the privilege of running 26.2 miles? They should pay us.

So why do marathons (and other races) cost so much?

One answer is simply that the organisers charge what people are willing to pay. The New York marathon is phenomenally expensive – but over 50,000 people ran it last year and innumerable others who wanted a spot didn’t get one. With that many people prepared to fork out, where’s the incentive to bring down those hefty entry fees?

Dad wins 3 marathons in 8 days; winnings to help ailing son

A New York man who recently won three marathons in three states in eight days says his winnings will go toward paying his infant son’s medical bills for a developmental congenital disorder.

From Homeless to Hopeful: Waldon Adams Reflects On Wins In A Rollercoaster Life

A 52-year-old man shares his story of how he transitioned from being homeless and struggling with mental illnesses to running marathons. Great story.


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